Faster Deliveries

Optimize everyone's time

Micro location tools to find parking, entrances, elevators, and apartments.

Secure and Private

No more unexpected voyeurs

Gate codes provided only to verified delivery personnel with point directions on how to make a delivery.

Better Estimates

More satisfied customers

Proprietary algorithms and crowdsourced data to get better delivery estimates.

Our Story

One Hundred Feet, Inc. is a venture backed startup located in Palo Alto, California. We are solving one of the hardest problems in the logistics ecosystem - optimizing the last 500 feet of delivery. On demand economy is riddled with this issue, and we are challenging the status-quo by creating new data that has never existed before. Our proprietary models use this data to build optimized routes, cutting down discovery and travel times by over 25%.

Our Mission

We make finding apartments seamless for delivery companies and emergency services; and thereby help save time, money, and at times, peoples' lives.

Our Data

We collect our data from multiple sources which include data obtained by our driver partners, publicly available data, as well as partnerships with second and third party organizations for their data. We then enrich the data making it accurate and usable. Being a B2B company, we don’t share the data acquired publicly and only share it momentarily based on authenticated and secure pings from our enterpise partners.

Early Access?

We are selectively onboarding logistics partners, apartment management companies, and condo complexes. If you'd like to participate at no charge, you may begin by emailing us at and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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